What can I say in half-ass prose
of Christ who came to save our souls?

He came on down from heaven's glory
became a part of humans' story

He saw a world enslaved to grief
and brought joy through mere belief

His heart burned with reckless love
He became flesh from God above

He taught us how to live life best
To change the broken lives we've messed

He came to reach out to the low
they're the ones who made Him go

To a cross is where He went
His blood on us is what he spent

Now God and man have been restored
Through the suffering of our Lord

But in the grave he wouldn't wait
Death had no hold on one so great

What can I say of love so true?
I'll love him back and you should too

Thank you Christ for coming here
For bringing God to us so near

Thank you Jesus Saviour, friend
With you we'll spend life without end