I am a conformist.

I am a non-conformist.

Do the previous two statements seem to be self-contradictory. They are, unless they are spoken from two different angles.

We are living in a society that places a premium on being a "non-conformist." Just like everybody else, of course. Have you ever noticed that all the non-conformists have a specific thing that they think you should conform to? Well, they won't come right out and say it, since they're not fully aware of it themselves. You'll know that you've transgressed it when--ironically--they accuse you of being a conformist.

Let me make this real and less theoretical now. I was having a conversation with a guy I knew from back in my rebellious party animal days. He asked "what's new with you?" and I had no way to answer him that didn't include my ongoing journey in following Jesus. So, I explained to him in a moment of God-inspired phrasing, that I reached a point where I decided to rebel against my rebellion. That's right. I'm not conforming to the non-conformity preached to my generation.

But in order for my non-conformity to the non-conformists to have any usefulness to it, I can't be aimless in it. I must be determined and resolute to follow a path that many have trod before me. They have blazed a trail of resisting the powers of this age. I'm talking about the saints here people. Jesus of Nazareth. Paul of Tarsus. Patrick of the Celts. John Wesley. The list could go on and on. They resisted the easy path. They fought the good fight. They went so against the grain of the times that they were in that they are forever remembered for it. All of the waves of time cannot wash away the imprint they have left.

I must conform to the kind of life that they conformed themselves to: the life of the kingdom of God. It will be the greatest non-conformity that the world has ever seen. I must do so with a group of people who are also conforming their lives to this life, so that the world may see that I'm not just a solitary crazy. There are a whole tribe of us marching to a different drum. I hope that we find ourselves worthy to be included amongst those whom the world was not worthy of.

I will rebel against rebellion.

I will not conform to so-called non-conformity.

I will be conformed to Christ.