Well, this change from 2005 to 2006 is supposed to make us look ahead to another year. Conformist that I am, I will do so. One thing that makes me scratch my head is that we're over the hump of the '00's!

Without further ado, my thoughts on what will/might/I wish would happen in 2006:

  1. I will go to Europe with my SSU class
  2. I will increase my debt load (see #1)
  3. Oil prices will continue to rise, causing us to rethink our lifestyle once we realize our utter oil-dependency
  4. There will continue to be a cry for true community in this world
  5. Christians will continue to see the need to understand the gospel as pertaining to all of life, not just a moment of prayer
  6. The Liberals will win yet another minority government, this time smaller than the last
  7. Nobody will care until the Liberals or Conservatives get a new leader who isn't a stiff
  8. We will have another 365 days to partner with God in building his kingdom