So, the Wiebe family just made a major purchase prior to the Europe trip. We purchased a Pentax istDL digital SLR camera. That means that it's all fancy and professional-like. Jac got some money from her parents for a deferred grad gift, so we'll know be able to take pictures in Europe that'll be so good it'll hurt our brains. Ouch.

So, the old Sony's on the way out. (As a side note, if anybody wants to buy a Sony DSC-P52 with a 128 MB Memorystick for fairly cheap, talk to Jac or I). The Sony took so-so pictures and you couldn't change any settings, obviously. Well, the settings on the Pentax are customizable heaven! And seriously, the clarity is light years better.

Here's my first foray into playing around with the new camera. I decided to take some pics of the emerging buds from the trees in front of our house. Seeing the new greenery come to life in spring always makes me happy.

waiting to burst
waiting to burst 2
burst bud
burst bud 2

Hmm... I guess this makes me a budding photographer...