Christianity Today has just released a couple of articles on Dallas Willard. For those of you who don't know me too terribly well, I can tell you plainly that Willard's writings have impacted me more than probably any other. In an evangelical culture that is wary--and sometimes outright hostile towards--higher education, he gave me the courage to pursue it. This is because he displays in his own writings that it is possible to be a faithful Christian while still fully engaging with philosophy and higher learning.

I suggest that any evangelical Christian should read his masterpiece The Divine Conspiracy. From there on I'm sure you'll read anything else by him that you can get your hands on.
So, thank you Dallas Willard for your mentorship of so many through your writings. I look forward to your "The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge" that you're currently working on!

So read, the following articles. The first focuses on the man, and the second on his message.

A Divine Conspirator
Dr. Willard's Diagnosis