Today we had the unexpected honor of having Brian McLaren come to SSU and do a chapel. He gave a short talk about what he's thinking about and encouraging us to embrace our different calls to serve God in the world. Then we had a lengthy discussion time with some really thought provoking stuff.

Quote of the day: "The most dangerous thing in the world is the USA." Brian said this in response to a lot of Christian fear-mongering that accuses Islam of being the greatest danger in the world today. He said that the USA has a military budget that's larger than the next 25 countries combined, 23 of which are US allies. Scary. So, whatever you think about Islam, he's absolutely right that they're a drop in the bucket next to the USA.

He also said some terrific things in response to a question from my friend Joel Mason, who asked "Why do Christians who embrace social justice issues and Christians who embrace physical healing not connect with each other very much or very well?" Brian had some terrific things in response to that, and I think that I might even devote a later blog post to unpacking some of that.

Moving from one conversation to another, there's been some terrific discussion a few posts back between a guy (or gal?) named DH and myself about salvation. Read up and chime in if you are so inclined.

Now, back to work. Some exceedingly boring NT Theology awaits...