Here's a few really nice photos that I've been wanting to share with you all from my time in Halifax with my mom over Thanksgiving. The ulterior motive here is this: I'm trying out a Flickr competitor called Zooomr (what's with cool=no spelling skills these days?) and they give you a free pro account if you're a blogger. So, let's see if this works.

atlantic iconicatlantic iconic Hosted on Zooomr

fall saturationfall saturation Hosted on Zooomr

Oh, and speaking of pimping products, I'm thinking about adding a link to the host of our new website (Bluehost) to my sidebar whereby I'd get $65 if anyone signed up for hosting services with them through my link. Whaddya think? Is this cool? Lame? I'm generally against advertising in nearly all forms, so I'm conflicted on this one for sure. But the money would be good, they're a good web hosting service (so far) and they're very reasonably priced. Hmmm... quandries.